Довідник - Туризм і туристичні ресурси в Росії 2004

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FOR 2004


Current Statistical Survey (quarterly magazine in Russian and English)

Information on Socio-Economic Situation of Russia (monthly concise report)

Socio-Economic Situation of Russia (monthly report)

Statistical Bulletin (monthly)

Socio-Economic Situation of the Federal Districts (quarterly report)

Statistical Studies (monthly scientific and information magazine)

Statistical Handbooks

Russia січня 2004 (in Russian)

Russia січня 2004 (in English)

Russia in Figures (in Russian)

Russia in Figures (in English)

Economic Activities of Population in Russia (based on results of sample surveys)

Input-Output Tables of Russia for 2001

"Great Eight" in Figures

National Accounts of Russia in 1996-2003

Prices in Russia

Main Indicators of Transport Performances in Russia (in Russian and English)

Construction in Russia

Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry in Russia

Social Status and Living Standard of Population of Russia

Small business in Russia

Housing and Everyday Services in Russia

Belarus 'and Russia

Statistical Yearbook of Russia

Women and Men of Russia

Finances of Russia

Russia and Countries of the Word

Regions of Russia. Social and Economic Indicators

Regions of Russia. Main Characteristics of Subjects of the Russian Federation

Publications and Booklets with Results of the All-Russia Population Census 2002

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